Hollow Coves

  An earnest vulnerability combined with an uplifting message to seize each moment has
buoyed Hollow Coves and their fans through a journey of mutual understanding—the dream
isn’t success but rather the acute awareness of life’s fragility.

Hollow Coves is the indie-folk voice of connection to beauty and community—a reminder to
look inside the self and embody gratitude for the natural world. Living on the Gold Coast and
weaving their own perspective on paradise, Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson are equal
parts songwriters and vocalists, alternating lead roles to best serve the song.

After meeting through a mutual friend at the end of 2014, Matt and Ryan recorded a handful
of songs in a friend’s garage. Ryan spent the next year traveling as they went back and forth
over Dropbox, layering vocals and instruments as a means of creative release. After
uploading a few songs to SoundCloud, thousands of listens poured in overnight until they
amassed over a million clicks. Stunned, the boys phoned each other from across the globe.
Deciding to follow whatever it was that chose them, Matt put aside his carpentry job, and
Ryan gave up being a civil engineer to see where a life in music could lead.

Organic listening has grown their audience ever since, with over half a billion streams
worldwide and nearly a million followers across their platforms.

That twist in fate led them to release their debut EP Wanderlust in 2017. Travel stories and
ruminations on landscapes from years past defined their sound and their purpose as a group,
and Hollow Coves unintentionally became known for writing indie-folk anthems for the great
outdoors. Fan favourite ‘Coastline’ became one of the top 20 most used songs on Instagram
Reels in Summer 2021, and was certified Gold in Canada and Australia.

As opposites that attract, Ryan’s keen sense for detail as a classically trained pianist
compliments Matt’s easy-going surfer approach. The yin-yang pairing of their personal
polarities allows them to flip complex musings into poetic simplicities, evoking a palpable
feeling of weightlessness.

In 2018, they retreated to the countryside of Devon in the south of England to record
alongside producer Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Justin Nozuka, Xavier Rudd), leading to the
2019 release of their debut full-length album Moments.

A hand-crafted acoustic journey that pulls you out of your world and into something mellow
and free, Moments was well-received, with praise from the likes of Billboard, PASTE, Clash,
Sunday Times, OnesToWatch and more. The band toured around the world with artists such
as Tom Walker, The Paper Kites, Passenger, and most recently The Lumineers.

As the pandemic swept everyone into isolation, Hollow Coves moved into a house on the
Gold Coast. They sourced second-hand equipment, put Matt’s carpentry skills to use building
a soundproof recording booth, and learned the basics of recording together through trial and
error. Their EP Blessings was recorded and self-produced at the band’s home in 2021.

“We wanted the album to be the musical equivalent of some sort of new age retreat where
people might go to sit still, renew their mind, and shift their focus to something more
positive,” says Ryan.

Their narrative-driven lyricism pushed them beyond day-to-day life, capturing hard-learned
lessons and hopefulness during tough times. The EP resonated with listeners seeking
guidance and levity, and vulnerable stories and messages of gratitude poured in from fans.

Driven by the energy of their audience, a grounding oceanside lifestyle, and a sound that
genuinely reflects their mindset, the band continues to push forward to live their own recipe
for a good life. Now, the band is finishing an album with an exciting group of collaborators
including Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby while continuing to tour the world.


Arts Club 90 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BH