Green Lung

Green Lung have swiftly distinguished themselves as one of the most compelling young British metal bands, dragging doomy hard rock and proto-metal into the 21st Century with a dose of occult venom and a mordant wit. Signed to Svart Records, they have released two critically-acclaimed albums, Woodland Rites (2019) and Black Harvest (2021), which have secured them a cult following around the world.

‘This is heavy metal how it should be done’ The Guardian

‘Huge, swinging riffs, wailing vocals that split the difference between Ozzy and Dio and really catchy keyboard lines that give a symphonic flair’ Revolver

‘Surges with all the druggy riffs and spooky psychedelia you could ever want’ Metal Hammer

‘One hell of a trip’ Kerrang!


Arts Club 90 Seel St
Liverpool L1 4BH