arts club liverpool is poised for a triumphant return to the limelight following a hiatus from live performances. the spectacle could not be more splendid: a pair of consecutive, sold-out shows featuring the wombats mark the joyous reopening of this cherished venue.

embarking on the inaugural night of this much-anticipated revival, i descended upon the scene, greeted by a lengthy queue of fervent enthusiasts eager to traverse the venue’s threshold.

unveiling the evening’s proceedings is the manchester-based ensemble, ‘the guest list.’ forged in the crucible of camaraderie during school days, this youthful quintet is making waves within the musical landscape, boasting an array of noteworthy performances alongside luminaries such as two door cinema club and seb lowe. their repertoire, comprising memorable compositions, including offerings from their debut ep released late last year, unequivocally demonstrates their trajectory toward prominence.

the trajectory of these lads appears upward, armed with infectious indie melodies and a meticulously crafted live performance.

the venue pulsated with anticipation for the main act. the wombats materialized to jubilant cheers, plunging headlong into their opening opus, ‘cheetah tongue.’ the audience responded with exuberant leaps and choruses, setting a dynamic tone that foreshadowed an extraordinary evening. seamlessly progressing through their repertoire of beloved indie anthems, the band interjected anecdotes about their affectionate ties to liverpool, fostering a profound connection with the audience. the rendition of ‘pink lemonade’ exuded a palpable energy, with the crowd reciprocating the band’s fervor by echoing every lyric.

the wombats sustained an electrifying ambiance throughout the entirety of their performance, inaugurating arts club’s resurgence with resounding exuberance. the audience, mirroring the band’s intensity, fervently poured their enthusiasm into the final crescendo, culminating the night with the cherished fan favorite, ‘turn.’

evenings such as these are the essence of what defines arts club, and if the inaugural night serves as a barometer, the venue’s future promises to be nothing short of magnanimous and superior.